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Bee Guy Supplies LLC

Meeting Bees' Needs.

Educate - Encourage - Inspire  

Small Family Farm With Small Animals

We raise animals that are easy to handle and doesn't require large equipment, and we would love to share our processes with you.

Bee Guy Vision

I became a beekeeper to learn more about these fascinating insects. Sharing information about them is my passion.


Beekeeping Mentoring

During April thru October we have a gathering of new and seasoned beekeepers on “Third Thursdays” each month.  I have no problem with showing my hive successes and failures during the meetings.  Everyone participates and brainstorms.  New Beekeepers get their hands in bees for the first time and a couple of jackets and gloves are handy just in case someone is new on that Thursday.  


I love to travel to assist new beekeepers to help them understand how to install and maintain their own hives.  I have answered a wide array of questions and everyone learned along the way, even me.


Community Outreach

I have attended fairs and conferences to promote positive beekeeping practices.

I once went to a Quail Conference, Fran’s idea, and donated a beehive.  It was a hit!  Everyone wanted it. I was so happy to see the smile on the winner’s face!


Giving Back

I have spoken to school Children from kindergarten thru High school and even helped a math teacher’s class build a top-bar beehive as a math class project. They are still keeping their bees at the school today.  


I provide handouts for children to learn the parts of the bee as well as some fun activities for the Teachers to see what they retained from my talks.   


Everyone is always invited out to the farm when we harvest!

We have tours for home school groups.


We provide instruction in several areas on our farm.

Third Thursdays
6:00 PM
Farm discussion about current hive management practices.

Show up to the farm between 6 and 8 for Q & A.

Chicken Processing

$65 Including one bird

Quail Processing

$65 Includes Three Quail

Farm Products

We produce and sell these products fresh off the farm.

Quail Eggs

$4.00 / Dozen

Picked Up



Chicken - Quail


Chicken Eggs

$5.00 /Dozen

Picked Up


Bee Guy Supplies is very happy to be members of clubs and associations in central and southern Ohio.

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Tel: 614-286-9863

983 Hanna Lane

Londonderry, OH 45647


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