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"Once upon a time” as the story goes……..there was a couple who attended a garden club meeting in the city. (Brian and Fran)   Happens that there was a Master Beekeeper talking about bringing queens into the area to add to the population of residents that lived there.  Her opening comment perked up the audience stating that bees can be kept anywhere even in the city.  She then said, “a queen collects enough genetic material on her maiden flight to lay eggs for three years .”  From that day on, Brian has been helping new and existing beekeepers with bee supplies they need to be successful. Fran was and still is interested in the flowers.


Brian became a member of the local bee clubs and soon had three hives of his own on a city lot.  We both planted flowers as well as a small garden between our house and the neighbors. We started looking for more land to have laying chickens and meat birds.  Brian thought of how many more hives he could have with more land and possibly have some classes to teach new beekeepers.


Brian was having a hard time getting good quality beekeeping supplies in our area and wanted to help others with their journey.  In 2018 we built a building…..And that’s it folks…….how Bee Guy Supplies, LLC and Woodpecker Pines Farm was started. 


We now have supplies for beekeeping, chicken, quail, chicken eggs, quail eggs, jams and jellies. We are thriving on being self-sustainable and sharing with others.  We also are a Harvest Host location for travelers in an RV.


Meeting Beekeepers Needs 

Our mission is to supply beekeepers find quality and affordable supplies to build a sustainable apiary. 

Creating curiosity in students and education will always be our priority.

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Affiliations that make a difference 

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