Spring Hive Management

March - April - May

This is a very critical time for hives that have survived winter.


Check the mite count and treat now. This will help the healthiness of the hive for the coming season.

Keep a close watch on the food that the bees have. The hives should not be inspected during these cold months. Lift one side of the hive to determine if it is heavy with food. Open the top to add pollen patties while the nights are still cold and add syrup as it begins to warm up.


Clean out the entrances of hives of bees being expelled during winter. Remove mouse guards to help open the entrance, but reinstall to prevent robbing during these critical months.

Check to see what hives have survived the winter. Any uninhabited boxes with honey stores can be added to surviving hives. Check to be sure that their is no disease present, and add the box to the top of a surviving hive.


Look to the stronger hives, and make sure that they are not over crowded. Add a super on top to give them room to expand up. Look for the pollen that they have begun to gather. The Maple, Willow, and Buckeye trees will be a early source of pollen. Dandelions, and clover will begin when frost has ended.

Remember that his is a critical time for your hives. A little care and attention early in the year will go a long way the rest of the season for the health of the hive.

And remember, have fun doing it.

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